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Its Here, new STAR SR32J

14th Dec 2010 (07:12:12) by NICK GROOM

The delivery of our new STAR SR32J has arrived. This is a max 32mm diameter machine offering machining of components in a sliding style.

Whats Sliding / Fixed Head Machining?

Sliding Head = This is a machining process that supports the metal in a guide bush, it is the held in a collet and passed through the bush into the path of the machining tools. This allows you to turn in a single pass up to 300mm long. 

Fixed Head = This is a process where the material is held fixed and the tools move to the metal. This is a very strong way of machining, allowing large material removal. Negatives are you are limited to the length of parts being turned.


15th Sep 2010 (15:29:10) by NICK GROOM

As part of our continuous investment plans we're expanding.


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