Latest News: Second Milling Robot

Posted 21st Jun 2019

Two Lang Robo-Trex robot

Qualimill’s two Lang Robo-Trex robot systems each use two trollies that act as mobile storage mediums. The trollies are loaded with multiple vices that hold workpieces that are ready to be loaded into the machine by the systems’ robots. The robots pick workpieces from the trollies, loads them into the machine tools, and when they are fully machined, returns them to the trollies. When filled with machined parts, each trolley is removed, and a replacement, loaded with multiple workpieces ready to be machined, is added.
Working unattended and fed by the Lang Robo-Trex systems, the company’s machining centres run throughout the day.  Before the end of each day shift the Robo-Trex trollies are replenished with full consignments of workpieces, enabling each machining centre to run unmanned throughout the night.
Robo-Trex trollies are available in 2 sizes, the smaller version has a capacity of 30 vices (max. part size: 120 x 120 x 100 mm), whilst the second, larger model has a capacity of 42 vices (max. part size: 120 x 100 x 70 mm). The Robo-Trex system is able to handle 4 automation trolleys. Therefore, depending on part size, the available storage capacity increases to 120/168 vices. 

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