Visitor Site information

Welcome to Qualiturn

Thank you for visiting Qualiturn.

As a visitor to our site we want to make sure that your visit is as happy, productive and safe as possible. Please take a minute to read through this for future reference throughout the duration of your visit.


Please ensure that at all times you know the location of the nearest Emergency Exit. There are references to these throughout the building.

FIRE  Alarm Testing

The on-site fire alarm system is sound- tested every Tuesday - an announcement will be made prior. Please be aware that this is a test only and you will not need to act unless directed to do so by your host or a Fire Warden.


First aid and welfare facilities are available on-site and notices are displayed throughout the site. Should an incident occur during your visit you must notify your host immediately, who will summon first aid assistance if needed.


If your visit requires entry onto the factory floor your host will advise you of any specific safety information that you need. Please be aware that certain parts of our site are restricted access only. Visitors MUST be escorted at ALL times whilst on site and remain within the yellow & green walkways marked. Displayed PPE notices must be observed. Please ask your host if you have any specific PPE requirements.


Please look out for hazards and report any issues found.


All visitors are required to be escorted and supervised at all times. Please display your visitor pass at all times. Please do not leave personal belongings unattended - if necessary, ask your host to keep them secure. In the course of your visit you may come across information that is private and confidential. CCTV in operation 24hrs.


Policy This site operates a no smoking policy, including e-cigarettes. This policy applies to all production areas, offices, meeting rooms, the canteen, corridors, lifts, toilets and rest facilities. All Qualiturn meetings and training courses, whether held on-site or other sites, should comply with smoke-free legislation. There are dedicated smoking areas on-site where smoking is permitted outside. Please ask your host for details.


The site speed limit is 10mph and the Highway Code must be observed. There is designated parking for visitors on-site.


Qualiturn has an environmental management system in place and asks all visitors to help your host: Keep a clean and tidy site by placing litter in bins provided Segregate office and food waste and place items in the correct bins Turn off lighting and office equipment when not in use 


Evacuation In the event of a fire your host will tell you what you need to do. If you hear the evacuation message, leave the area immediately using the nearest available exit and go to the nearest Evacuation Assembly Point, located by sports court. In an evacuation: DO NOT stop to collect any personal belongings DO NOT run - leave the building quickly and in an orderly manner DO NOT re-enter the building unless advised to do so by a fire warden.