Environmental Policy

Green cleaning - minimising our environmental impact and yours... working torwards ISO 14001 - we are now awaiting or new factory before approvel.

Our investment in state of the art production facilities goes hand in hand with an equal commitment to cleaning up our act.

Environmentally speaking, we have put our money where our mouth is by investing in two cleaning machines that use water recycling system for the continuous treatment and recycling of industrial waste water, wash water and coolant water to eliminate pollutants.

To minimise the environmental effects of the company’s activities and comply with legal and statutory requirements where applicable.
To actively conserve energy (electricity, oils, fuel, gas etc) within the operational capabilities of the company, and to progressively reduce energy wastage as a result of improved utilisation, insulation, servicing and maintenance of equipment, vehicle journey planning etc.
To conserve materials and resources used in manufacture and installation through effective planning and process control in respect to waste management.
To provide air conditioning to improve operational efficiency and reliability of CNC bar-fed automatic machinery.
To provide in-line water treatment plant for rumbling and component washing equipment in order to conserve/re-cycle water to reduce environmental impacts.
To avoid the use of toxic, hazardous and non-recyclable materials used as a result of the company’s activities as far as is reasonably practicable.
To re-cycle materials where practical and encourage environmental awareness amongst our suppliers and customers, supporting their initiatives in environmental management as appropriate.
To ensure environmental awareness amongst our employees, and to provide a safe and suitable environment within which they can work.
To adopt an integrated management approach in respect to Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental management systems, and to provide the necessary resources, information and training for our employees to ensure effective implementation.

To monitor and review our Environmental Policy in accordance with statutory requirements and the achievement of policy objectives to ensure effective environmental management company-wide.