Quality Assurance

We never forget that, in the end, our customers are counting on the products we make to keep their businesses turning over. Which is why we place great importance on building and retaining a hard working, highly experienced and dedicated team that you and we can rely on.

Most of our staff have been with us for many years and long may things stay that way. We believe they stick with us because they recognize the crucial part they play in Qualiturn’s success and because they know we appreciate it too! We’re proud to say that there’s a special kind of ethos here; one that everyone shares and which says:

‘We take pride in every detail of what we make and strive to get it right first time, every time’. Formally or informally, everyone in the Qualiturn team is part of the Quality Assurance function!

Inspection Equipment
Inspection Equipment

When using the very latest CNC machines, it's all too easy to forget that they're only as good as the equipment you check them with. In our view, too many of our competitors are shirking their responsibilities by neglecting their own inspection facilities and relying on their suppliers. We can create a process for you compontent to give supply reasurance. Please ask at time of quotation.

So, unlike the rest, we don't pass the buck: in fact we're going against the general trend by investing heavily in the enhancement of our Inspection Department to make it as much a CNC/CMM environment as is our production facility.

That means we can check component dimensions with the utmost precision, in precisely the same way, to precisely the same tolerances time and time again. In turn that means nothing is ever forgotten and our standard of quality is never compromised.

Rohs, Weee & Reach

Qualiturn tries to keep up to date and aware of any new regulations.

We are a subcontract engineering business, we offer a service to our customer to produce precision turn/milled parts.

All of these parts are produced to a customer's specification, stated clearly on their drawing. including material spec, plating and packaging.

Suppliers of materials to us can supply material specification sheets showing the make up of the material and various elements contained. These are know as certificates of conformity (CofC). Some suppliers may charge for this service. Suppliers are reviewed annually.

Suppliers of subcontract operations ie plating, heat treatment , manufacturing etc will also provide CofC for any work carried out. Suppliers are reviewed annually.

If Customer require Rohs or Weee Compliant Parts it helps if the drawings use compliant materials and processes. 

As far as REACH Regulations are concerned, Qualiturnmilledcertificates Products Ltd is classifieannuallyd as a Downstream user.

Qualiturn products are a subcontract manufacture, we manufacture components to our customer Design, Material & specification stated on drawings and Purchase order.

All products are made to Your specification and certified to this.

Being your products / drawings, please ensure they Meet your requirements for RoHS & WEEE complaints.

I hope this helps you in the below information

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call me


Nick Groom
Reach Comments

Qualiturn Products ltd, does not knowingly produce any parts containing any banned substances.

Qualiturn Products Ltd ONLY uses customer drawings to produces parts to required specification. Qualiturn manufactures using requested materials stated on drawing which are all bought from approved and monitored sources. Qualiturn would ask you to check all drawings with regards to requested materials, this will help to ensure your products conform to the below. Please make sure you are using a standard BS or EN material.

As part of of continuous supplier monitoring, we regularly keep in contact with our suppliers. This helps us understand possible supply issue, possible changes to supply, new products. Its important to work with our suppliers to help ensure the Quality of our product we send to our customers. Its a requirement of BS EN ISO 9001: to monitor and check suppliers are maintaining their advertised service.


ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

Certificate No: 11413, 175003

Issue Date: 20 March 2001, 16 March 2022

Reissued: 7 May 2024, 7 May 2024

Valid Until: 19 March 2027, 19 March 2027

EAC Code: 17

We adhere to the most stringent BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards and procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We have also been accredited the BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system in our factory.

So you can count on un compromised quality every time, the reassurance of hard-copy printouts, of inspection data, totally traceable materials and, if required, certificates of conformity for processes.

Click to download Cert Registration No. 11413

Click to download Cert Registration No. 175003

Managing director Nicholas Groom in current vice president for 2017 & 2018, taking on his presidency in 2019. This show his passion for enineering, the Skills and knowedge , resorces he has gained.

For more information please visit their website: www.btma.org/

Business policy of Qualiturn Products Limited:

To provide a specialist service in the supply of precision turned components, which fully meet our customers’ specifications with a level of service consistent with customer requirements.

Specific objectives currently include:

To continually assess the capability, reliability and efficiency of production  equipment, and to maintain a policy of continuous investment in C.N.C. controlled, efficient and cost effective precision turning equipment.

To be responsive to technological and performance standards appropriate to the industry.

To continually invest in optical measuring equipment in order to improve efficiency in both manufacturing and inspection processes, and to reduce the dependence on visual inspection for complex parts.

To ensure that Qualiturn continue to develop and maintain effective environmental management practices to minimize any adverse environmental aspects and impacts of the business

To progressively review and improve where appropriate employee welfare facilities

To maintain and develop the Quality Management system in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015, recognizing the contribution that all personnel make to quality, and to provide the necessary information, resources and training to enable them to achieve and maintain the required standards

To continually invest in optical measuring equipment in order to improve efficiency in both manufacturing and inspection processes, and to reduce the dependence on visual inspection for complex parts.

To develop our customer base as a result of our reputation for the provision of high quality turned components and commitment to customer service

To maintain a policy of continual performance improvement in respect to customer service

To continually assess customer expectations in regard to Management System Standards to ensure retention of Approved Supplier status and continually develop Qualiturn’s integrated Management systems