Specialisations: Slotting

It is a reciprocating type of machine tool in which the ram that holds the tool moves in the vertical axis. It is almost similar to the shaper machine. In the shaper machine, the ram reciprocates in the horizontal direction, and in the slotter machine the ram reciprocates in the vertical direction. The cutting action in the slotter takes place during the downward stroke of the ram, and there is no cutting in the return stroke and called an idle stroke.

The base of the slotter machine should be very rigid and strong since it holds all the loads and vibration of the machine. So the base is made with cast iron because it has high rigidity as well as vibration-absorbing capacity as compared with other metal. It supports all the parts of the machine such as column, table, saddle, cross slide. etc. 

The column is the vertical part of the slotter machine that contains all the drive mechanisms for the ram and feed. At the front face of the Column, It has guideways on which the ram moves reciprocating motion (to and fro motion). Same as the base it is also made from cast iron.

The saddle is mounted on the base of the slotter machine and it is used to give longitudinal feed to the table. In other words, it allows the table to move towards and away from the column.

Cross Slide is present on the saddle and used to move the table in cross direction to the saddle movement. To understand the movement of the cross slide lets us assume that we are standing at the wheel of cross slide than it moves away from us and towards us when we rotate its wheel either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. It can be operated either manually or automatically to give crossfeed.

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